Crom Was Angered. And the Earth Shook.

My old blog is gone. By choice. About seven years of posts and comments, disposed of in a (not so) great migration.

This site had become a mental chore to upkeep and, like me, it needed an overhaul. But its metamorphosis was fairly quick and sudden, unlike mine which has happened over years of kicking and screaming and clawing and pissing myself.

So, when it came time to migrate my old blog to my new site structure, I decided to press delete instead.

Then a prompt came up Are you sure?

And I thought am I sure? And, sure I was, so I clicked Yes.

Then, like an army of whack-a-moles, various tricky buttons kept popping up. The damn site insisted on nagging me in a ‘put on your seatbelt BEEP’ rhythm. Annoying.

So I left the seatbelt off. And crashed the car. Gone.

You see, it’s not that I didn’t like the content. I just wanted it all dead so I could start fresh.

I’ll probably miss some of the crap I wrote on there, but I’ll probably forget all about it in - oh - about five minutes or so.

I also wanted my old site gone. It was a nice site, well coded and designed. But it focused only on my music. And I’ve done so much more than just make music over the years, but music is what has been tied to my name so I felt like I couldn’t use it for my writing or branding/ marketing/ digital/ pay-the-bills crap I do.

Hence, my blog became a little skewed towards just music because it’s what I felt I had to present. But now you get all of me! Every ingrown follicle covering my being is yours! LUCKY YOU!

What I’m saying is that when I want something dead, I make sure to kill it.