I write.

Novels. The occasional essay.

Thrillers and Mysteries with a Literary bent and Science-Fiction and Fantasy elements, mostly. How's that for not committing to a genre?

I write characters, then put them in oddball, relevant, high-stakes plots. My take on this is, if your character is interesting to observe buying a muffin, then they're a great character. That's what I aim for. My characters buy a ton of muffins. Shit, I should write an All-Muffin Diet Book.

To be frank, there's not a whole hell of a lot to say about this right now apart from 'stuff is in the works' and 'I hope to have more professional news on this soon' and 'I can shave words into my chest hair'.

Speaking of, I kind of like to play my cards close to my chest. This analogy would be more meaningful if I played cards but you catch my drift. <-- another analogy that would have more meaning if I surfed, or raced cars, or was a tectonic plate or something with drift.

But - oh hey! - look! Over there! Right there, above you, where I keep a blog named Lamentations. It's a good blog, not well-behaved, but good like quality foodstuffs. You can click on it and it won't bite or even try to sniff your leg. It's updated infrequently, when the mood arises.

I also rarely send out emails. Look to the right. You'll see the trap I have set for your name and email address.

And hell, while we're linking things, follow me on Twitter. It's a quick way to learn more about my writing as it happens. I use it when I'm procrastinating. And I tend to do that a lot.